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Fulantelli, Giovanni

L'Istituto per le Tecnologie Didattiche - CNR-ITD (Palermo, Italy)

Giovanni Fulantelli is a researcher at the Institute for Educational Technologies at the National Research Council of Italy, and member of the Institute scientific board. He graduated with honor in Computer Science at the University of Milan in 1990. His research activities are mainly focused on innovative and creative uses of technologies in educational processes.

He is in charge of several national and international research projects concerning the application of IT in education; amongst others, he has been the European coordinator of the EU-funded project Sloop2desc - Sharing Learning Objects in an Open Perspective to Develop European Skills and Competences, and responsible of the CNR research team for the EU-funded projects Sloop (“Sharing Learning Object in an Open Perspective”), Tenegen (“Connect the teachers to reach and teach the Net Generation”), and OpenQAsS (Open Source Quality Assurance System for Vocational Education). He has been contract professor at the University of Palermo.