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Personal de Suport a la Recerca
Suport a la Recerca D. Tecnologia
Pablo Abenia has a degree in Computer Engineering by the UPF. Incorporated in the group since 2012 he is a senior developer and IT admin. Responsible for ILDE platform current development he has made several contributions among them application design, code refactoring, speed optimization, interoperable API design and implementation, web services, usage monitoring and analytics visualization. He has also developed several interactive web applications required for our group projects leveraging technologies like PHP, Python, TypeScript, WebSockets, Node.js or WebGL. Developments include PyramidApp, which allows real time collaborative learning flow decisions, the ChangeMakers game, which is a browser based educational game in the context of the European project ChangeMakers and finally a modification of the ILDE platform in collaboration with UNESCO Catalonia to support the creation of problem based learning designs focused on the UNESCO sustainable development goals. On the IT front he is in charge of the group server infrastructure management which includes virtual machines set up, software deployment and administration of databases and storage resources needed in order to provide the services required for all of the groups projects.