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Courage and Oracle4girls met to learn about stereotyped beauty and filter bubbles in Social Media

Courage and Oracle4girls met to learn about stereotyped beauty and filter bubbles in Social Media



What is beauty in social media like? Why do we always see the same images to portray #realbeauty in Social Media like Instagram? Seeing the same beauty images can affect our wellbeing? These were some of the questions discussed last saturday workshop “Like, tag & share: beauty myths and stereotypes in the Social Media” virtually held by the initiative Oracle4girls.


For a second consecutive year, girls from different Spanish cities attended the Social Media Workshop conducted by Courage researchers in the framework of the initiative Oracle4girls. During this virtual workshop, participants from the cities of Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla discovered some of the secrets that manage our social media preferences and that affect the images of beauty we see in social media.


Since 2017 Oracle4girls promotes the inclusion of girls in Science encouraging their interest in the study of Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. As a collaborative partner, researchers and professors from the TIDE research group join this venture to bring science to girls through the dissemination of relevant topics and dynamic activities. For this occasion, Courage researchers Emily Theophilou, René Lobo Quintero and Roberto Sánchez-Reina introduced interactive activities to learn about Social Media filter bubbles and the way these mechanisms may influence beauty perceptions and attitudes.


The workshop “Tag, Like & Share'' was virtually conducted last April 10th, and was moderated by Anna Moreu, promoter of the initiative Oracle4girls in Spain.






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