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09/03/21: Workshop "Researching BookTube as a BookTuber"

09/03/21: Workshop "Researching BookTube as a BookTuber"



 March 9, 2021

 11.00 am


 Plataforma Collaborate




The MEDIUM Research Group celebrates a new series called “Academic Experiences”.

The second edition of this series will be an interview with Dr. Jose Miguel Tomasena about his PhD experience.He defended his dissertation in November 2020 and he currently works as an associated professor at UPF and research assistant at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) for the project D-Stories, about digital storytelling, social action and creation of publics.

He will share his experiences about doing research on BookTube as a BookTuber as well as about his journey as a PhD student. The floor will be opened for a Q&A session in the second half of the event.

Please register for the event and join us!