Núria Almiron, praise for Vandana Shiva

Dr Almiron was the academic godmother of Vandana Shiva, awarding the ecofeminist activist an honorary doctorate.


Imatge inicial

On 3rd June 2024, UPF awarded physicist and ecofeminist philosopher Vandana Shiva an honorary doctorate in recognition of her academic and activist contributions to ecofeminism and pacifism. Núria Almiron, Co-Director of UPF-CAE, was in charge of the gloss speech.

Dr Almiron acknowledged Dr Shiva's long career as a 'tireless defender' of the planet and her pioneering work in this field. She poked fun at Shiva's nickname, 'the worst nightmare of big business', and affirmed Shiva's position that science 'should serve the common good, not greed'. Dr Almiron also recalled that Dr Shiva was one of the first scientists to denounce the irrationality and cruelty of intensive animal farming.

You can watch and listen to all the speeches here.

You can read Dr Almiron's Laudatio here.



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