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6 papers accepted at ACL 2019

6 papers accepted at ACL 2019




Six papers from the COLT research group were accepted at ACL 2019:

  • L. Aina, K. Gulordava and G. Boleda. 2019: Putting words in context: LSTM language models and lexical ambiguity.
  • D. Bouchacourt and M. Baroni. Miss Tools and Mr Fruit: Emergent communication in agents learning about object affordances
  • R. Chaabouni, E. Kharitinov, E. Dupoux and M. Baroni: Analyzing word-order biases in deep-agent emergent communication

  • R. Dessì and M. Baroni. CNNs found to jump around more skillfully than RNNs: Compositional generalization in seq2seq convolutional networks

  • D. Blasi, R. Cotterell, L. Wolf-Sonkin, S. Stoll, B. Bickel and M. Baroni: On the distribution of deep clausal embeddings: a large cross-linguistic study

  • J. Haber, T. Baumgärtner, E. Takmaz, L. Gelderloos, E. Bruni and R. Fernández: The PhotoBook dataset: Building common ground through visually grounded dialogue