How to apply for ethical review of a research project involving human subjects

In order to promote that UPF research projects involving human subjects fulfil basic ethics and personal data protection requirements, CIREP has established the following procedure:


Step 1.  Self-assessment 

Principal Investigators of research projects at UPF must fill in a self-assessment ethics checklist form and email it to [email protected] 

Download the ethics checklist form.

If you replied "yes" to one or more questions, proceed to step 2 and send the following documents.


Step 2. Review Application

2.1. Summary

The summary form includes the title of the research project and a 300-word summary. Some specific contents are: the field of research to which the activity belongs (for instance, communication), the type of human participants involved in it (for instance, infants), estimated start and end date, and whether it is a collaborative research project. 

Download the summary form.

2.2. Procedure Form

The procedure form includes a detailed description of the research methodology so that CIREP members can evaluate the research activity and the ethical and personal data protection issues involved.

Download the procedure form.

2.3. Informed Consent Form

The informed consent form provides information and templates that researchers can adapt according to their needs.

Download the informed consent form.


Step 3. Peer review 

In addition to CIREP's evaluation, an external reviewer in the specific research field will evaluate the above mentioned documents and will issue an independent review.

The reviewer form is available here. 


CIREP members will review and discuss each application, taking into consideration the external peer review. After the panel discussion, an ethics review report will be issued.


CIREP does not review research projects retrospectively. Thus, researchers need to apply for ethical review before they start their project. 
The estimated duration of an ethics and data protection review procedure is 12 weeks.