As stated in the European Charter for Researchers, “Researchers should adhere to the recognised ethical practices and fundamental ethical principles appropriate to their discipline(s) as well as to ethical standards as documented in the different national, sectoral or institutional Codes of Ethics.” Researchers have a responsibility towards their participants’ well-being and towards society at large, and this should result in researchers considering ethical principles at all stages of the research process.

The Institutional Committee for Ethical Review of Projects (CIREP-UPF), which is committed to the promotion of ethical practices in research, has launched an online training program that focuses on ethical and personal data protection aspects to consider when conducting research with humans. As shown in the figure below, the training consists of three building blocks, which discuss (1) basic notions of research ethics as applicable to human subjects research, (2) important aspects related to personal data processing, and (3) UPF regulations and procedures related to research ethics and personal data protection.

Details on the training program can be accessed by clicking on the links, including the estimated time to complete each of the different elements. Please note that you do not have to complete the training in one sitting. To access the three components, you can also visit our course on Aula Global.

This training is offered for the first time as a pilot program with the intention to fine-tune its suitability and applicability to wider audiences. By engaging in the training you will learn to recognize and adhere to ethical and personal data protection principles underlying research, but the skills you acquire (e.g. data protection) are relevant also for nonresearch activities. You will receive a certificate upon completion.