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2019 in Figures


Number of applications received: 28
Number of certificates issued: 27
Average length of the review process: 11.6 weeks






CIREP conducts an annual survey to rate the satisfaction level of both researchers who submitted projects to review as well as external reviewers who collaborated with CIREP. The following tables show the mean values obtained for each item (on a scale of 1 to 5).


IP Survey Results


External Evaluator Survey Results



CIREP would like to extend its gratitude and appreciation to Marta Rodríguez and Berta Combalia for their dedication and hard work as CIREP’s secretaries. In addition, CIREP would like to thank the following UPF researchers who acted as external reviewers for the projects evaluated: Alfonso Pérez-Carrillo, Andrea Burón, Carme Bach, Clara Cortina, Daniel Navarro, Gaël Le Mens, Javier Arregui, Joan Codina, José Sánchez García, Larbi Alaoui, Marco Calabria, Mikhail Spektor, Miguel Angel Mayer, Mireia Farrús, Mónika Domínguez, Núria Bel, Ricard Zapata, Rosemarie Nagel, Ruben Moreno Bote, Stefano Biagetti, Verònica Benet-Martínez, Vicenç Gómez, Victòria Alsina Keith. We would also like to express our gratitude to Adam Holesch (IBEI), Aina Gallego (IBEI), and Cristina O'Callaghan (ISGlobal) for collaborating with us by producing external reviews.