After the third year of activity the Institutional Committee for Ethical Review of Research Projects (CIREP) presents a positive balance of the year 2018 with a total of 42 applications.




CIREP would like to especially thank Helena Ramahlinho, a former chair of the Commission, for her fruitful collaboration. 

Moreover, we would also like to express  gratitude towards the following UPF researchers who collaborated with CIREP as peer reviewers during the year 2018:

Alice Foucart, Sergi Jiménez, Rafael Ramírez, Antonio Ladrón de Guevara, Emma Rodero, Tatiana Kaspersky, Rosermarie Nagel, Libertad González, Ignacio Lago, Lesley Ann Daniels, Marco Calabria, Nuria Almiron, Mireia Farrús, John Palmer, Bruno Arpino, Antonio Penta, Visnja Vujov, Rosa Ferrer, Bart Bijnens, Christos Zografos, Gert Cornelisen. 


Indicators 2018:

Nr. of applications received: 42 
Nr. of ethics certificates issued:24
Nr. of external reviewers engaged: 21





Average duration of the Ethics and Data Protection review procedure: