After the second year of activity and a 8% increase of applications compared to 2016, the Institutional Committee for Ethical Review of Research Projects (CIREP) presents a positive balance of the year 2017.



CIREP would like to especially thank two of its former members: Josep Lluís Martí and Serena Olsaretti. We would also like to express its gratitude towards the following UPF researchers who have reviewed projects from an ethics and data protection point of view: Louise McNally, Marisa Iglesias, Alfonso Pérez, Joan Codina, Carmen Pérez, Aurora Bel, Sebastián Mealla, David Kane, María José González, Gloria Haro, Perfecto Herrera, Luis Ortiz, Carlos Castillo, Sandra Montón, Jose Apesteguía, John Palmer, Juan José Ganuza, Christian Fons Rosen, Alessandro Tarozzi, Manuela Ruzzoli and Sergio Sayago (UB).

Indicators 2017:

Nr. of applications received: 41 (8% increase vs. 2016)
Nr. of ethics certificates issued: 33
Nr. of external reviewers engaged: 22

Average duration of the Ethics and Data Protection review procedure: