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This block (only available in English) is administered by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI program). CITI issues its own certificate upon completion of this block if certain requirements are met. To fulfill these requirements, you need to complete the following modules in CITI's Social-Behavioral-Educational Human Subjects Research course: 

1) History and Ethics of Human Subjects Research

2) Defining Research with Human Subjects

3) Assessing Risk 

Estimated time to complete: 1 h 30 min approximately. Most modules take around 20 min to complete.

CITI offers a wide variety of additional modules on different aspects of research ethics. These modules are organized into five main courses: Animal Care and Use, Conflicts of Interest, Good Clinical Practice, Human Subjects Research, and Responsible Conduct of Research. We encourage you to explore any other modules you may fancy, especially those that pertain to your relevant field of study or research methods. A list of recommended modules (belonging to the Human Subjects Research Course) is provided.

Be aware that CITI courses are based on US federal regulations and that differences may exist between them and Spanish and European regulations. We recommend that you focus on general principles and aspects and ignore US-specific components.

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