CAS Session PhD. Eduard Vidal

PhD. Eduard Vidal joined the CAS Session at the Department of Communication UPF @dept_com to talk about his recently delivered doctoral thesis named «A construction model for a postmodern identity, from a symbolic consumption perspective. The junior adman as a case of study»



Sara Vinyals at Startup Grind Barcelona

Sara Vinyals-Mirabent gave a talk at Startup Grind Barcelona about how to incorporate the values of Barcelona to startups' brands.



Olatz Larrea: Study on listening of the voice of the speaker with and without his image

This thesis consists in a comparative study of the cognitive and perceptual proceses involved in listerners experience when listening to a radio message in two different experimental conditions: the speaker’s voice by it self, and the voice in conjunction with the speaker's image.



Ariadna Fernández: Keeping up with the news: youth culture, social activism & digital communication

The thesis presents a global exploration of youth information behaviour, both in their daily lives and in specific situations.



The Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness funds two CAS new research projects

"Media representation of non-healthy body image. Development of a prevention tool among children aged from 5 to 8: ¡Mi cuerpo me gusta!" & "The tourist on the Web: informational habits and destination Choice”

Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick presents the Selective Exposure Self- and Affect-Management (SESAM) model at a CAS workshop

Dr. Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick, professor at Ohio State University (USA) and editor of the ISI-ranked journal Media Psychology gave the workshop “The SESAM – Invite to a Research Conversation on Selective Exposure and its Consequences”.

Professor Paul Bolls from Missouri University teaches a workshop about psychophysiology and communication

The workshop “The Human Brain ‘on’ Media” taught by Dr. Paul Bolls (Missouri University) took place on June the 22nd and the 23rd. in the Communication Campus of Universidad Pompeu Fabra. 

Pilar Medina-Bravo and Mònika Jiménez Morales have obtained funding from the UPF to carry out a research project

Pilar Medina-Bravo and Mònika Jiménez Morales have obtained funding from the UPF to carry out a research project entitled:  'Analysis of the implementation of the gender perspective in the degree of Advertising and Public Relations '.

Mònica Figueras-Maz, together with Amparo Huertas, has edited a new book entitled ‘Audiencias juveniles y cultura digital’

CAS’ researcher Mònica Figueras-Maz, together with Amparo Huertas, has edited a new book entitled ‘Audiencias juveniles y cultura digital’, by Incom Editorial.

Sara Vinyals-Mirabent Presented a paper at ISCONTOUR 2014 conference

Sara Vinyals-Mirabent presented a paper entitled “Branding and website communication: a long road ahead”

Maddalena Fedele as an Erasmus Lecturer at University of Salerno

CAS researcher Maddalena Fedele has been granted an ERASMUS LLP project to spend a week as a visiting lecturer at the Department of Political, Social and Communication Sciences, University of Salerno

Pilar Medina-Bravo, Monica Figueras-Maz and Lorena Gómez-Puertas have presented a paper at II International Conference Gender and Communication

Pilar Medina-Bravo, Monica Figueras-Maz and Lorena Gómez-Puertas have presented a paper entitled'Models of maternity in family magazines. An analysis of ‘Mi bebé y yo’, ‘Ser padres’, and ‘El mundo de tu bebé’'

Research collaboration between UPF and “Región de Murcia” Tourism Board

Murcia, one of the 17 Spanish tourist regions has requested UPF to provide assessment and advice on the use of the official website, social media and mobile applications applied to the promotion of the destination.

Mònika Jiménez-Morales participated at AE-IC congress, Bilbao

Functional food advertising for menopausic and pre-menopausic targets: values, resources, strategies and objectives 

Maddalena Fedele participated at AE-IC congress, Bilbao

Maddalena Fedele presented two papers at AE-IC (Spanish Association of Communication Research) Conference “Espacios de comunicación” held in Bilbao, from 21 to 24 of January, 2014.

New book published - Medios de Comunicación y Culto al cuerpo

CAS’ researcher Mònika Jiménez-Morales, together with Dr. María Victoria Carrillo and Dr. María Sánchez, has published a new book entitled “Medios de Comunicación y Culto al cuerpo”, by Pearson, 2013.

José Fernández-Cavia presented a paper at ENTER 2014 eTourism Conference

José Fernández-Cavia (CAS) and Frederic Guerrero (UNICA Research Group) presented a paper entitled “Activity and influence of destination brands on Twitter. 

Emma Rodero has obtained a Marie Curie European grant

Emma Rodero has obtained a Marie Curie Outgoing Fellowship to develop a research project under the title: Prosodic strategies to improve the attention and recall of a listener exposed to an auditory...

Ramon Martín gave a lecture in the 2nd Advertising in Communication Media Research Symposium

'A Global View of Current and Future Changelles faced by Media Agencies: Results of a Delphy Survey'   abstract: The technological revolution in which we are immersed is affecting...

Pilar Medina has been invited to give a lecture at Tanger (Morocco)

Pilar Medina has been invited to give a lecture at Tanger (Morocco). She gave a talk titled 'From emotional intelligence to cultural intelligence' (Tanger, July 11, 2013). see Pilar's...

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