TECH Research Stay - Lluis Mas

Professor Lluis Mas stay and project took place between July the 10th 2017 and October the 30th 2017 in the College of Media and Communication at Texas Tech Univsersity. The project was performed in partnership with Doctor Paul Bolls as part of the Jose Castillejo Postdoc Program. 











This morning took place the November Meeting CAS, an agreed space where the group is updated with the projects of each one of the members in it, and where issues directly associated with the management of the group are discussed.



UPFund - Credibility in public presentations


Project management: Emma Rodero  Estimated cost of the project: € 8,000 The objective of this project is to analyze the influence of the key variables of oral, textual and non-verbal communication, on the credibility of the speaker and on the effectiveness of the presentation of the message.

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Ramón Martín-Guart obtained a CUM LAUDE in it’s Doctoral Thesis about: The present and future challenges of media agencies

  Ramón Martín-Guart, associate professor at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, obtained a CUM LAUDE in his doctoral thesis entitled "A global vision of the present and future remains of media agencies",directed by Dr. Josep Fernández Cavia





Lluís Mas at Texas Tech

Visiting researcher Lluís Mas at the Center for Communication Research in the College of Media & Communication Texas Tech on Tuesday October 24




Ramon Martín-Guart's THESIS

Ramon Martín-Guart presents this friday 29 of semptember his doctoral thesis entitled "A global vision of the present and future remains of media agencies", directed by Dr. Josep Fernández Cavia. Don't miss it!


Taller MediaCorp para docentes en Escuela Sant Martí

El equipo de MediaCorp compartió un taller con los profesores y profesoras de la escuela Sant Martí de Barcelona, con el objetivo de conocer las opiniones del profesorado en relación a la influencia de la publicidad en la construcción de la imagen corporal de los niños y niñas.




Cómo el Sitio Web de un Destino Ayuda la Construcción de la Marca Lugar

La imagen proyectada por las campañas de promoción turística puede resultar clave para la construcción de la marca de países, ciudades o regiones. Especialmente en los casos de lugares en los que la industria turística constituye una de las principales fuentes de ingresos y riqueza. Sigue leyendo  aquí ...




New book released: "EVENTOS Y PROTOCOLO" from Mònika Jiménez



Starting from the concept of  events management as part of a strategic communication process, this book focuses in the different stages of corporate and institutional management. 



February 2017 CAS Meeting


  New Head of Group for CAS research group. Congratulations Lluís Mas.




Place Branding Workshop 2016

On Friday, 25th of November 2016 the first edition of the “Place Branding Workshop” took place at the Department of Communication at the Pompeu Fabra University. The workshop started with an official welcome ceremony held by the head of the Department of Communication and member of the CAS (Communication, Advertising and Society) research group José Fernandez-Cavia.

Seminari del Grup d'Estudis del Discurs (GED) 02/12/16

Projecte de recerca ModevigTrad (FFI2014-57313-P), Universitat Pompeu Fabra. A càrrec de: Mireia Montaña (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) i Mario Bisiada (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) | Dia: divendres, 2 desembre del 2016 | Hora: 12.00 h - 14. 00 h | Lloc: Aula 52.421 Roc Boronat UPF



Alfredo E. Cohen Montoya defensa la seva tesi sobre recerca evaluativa

El passat 21 d'octubre, Alfredo E. Cohen Montoya va defensar la seva tesi doctoral titulada "Investigación evaluativa para el diseño de una propuesta de intervención en edu-comunicación para la ciudadanía activa. Análisis de los proyectos La Cruiïlla Comuna y Desmuntamites".



How to Improve Attitudes toward Disliked Groups: the Role of the Media, Specific Messages, and Visual cues

Intergroup tensions have reached troubling levels. In the US, Americans express strong dislike for ideological others, and ethnic relations are one of the most challenging issues of the century. In Europe, growing tensions surround immigration, especially immigration from majority Muslim countries.



Interview with José Fernández-Cavia by The Place Brand Observer.

José Fernández-Cavia is joining The Place Brand Observer as Expert Observer (Academia) for the next six months.


Mònika Jímenez interview for ARA newspaper.

This week was published an article in which was interviewed our CAS colleague, Monika Jimenez. The article, which is called «SÈRIES, EL NOU APARADOR TECNOLÒGIC» is about tech placement and was published by the newspaper ARA.



Doctoral Student Participates at ICORIA 2016 Doctoral Colloquium

Last week MediaCorp research student, J. Roberto Sánchez Reina, participated at the Doctoral Colloquium organized by the European Academy of Advertising (EAA).



The Catalan Audiovisual Council (CAC) will grant the research project “Sexism in Sports Journalism: from Universities to Newsrooms”

The Catalan Audiovisual Council (CAC) will grant a research project coordinated by Pilar Medina-Bravo. Mònica Figueras-Maz and Eva Gómez-Colell are also researchers in the project.

CAS’s new graphic identity & web

The unveiling of CAS’s new graphic identity, new twitter and relaunch of the webpage, all coordinated by Lorena de Ferrari, took place this last June 13, 2016.




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