Desayunos Kids: SRC strategies in School

Desayunos Kids: SRC strategies in School

On thursday 28th, we celebrated the 5th monthly edition of #KidsBreakfast with the advertising agency “The Modern Kids and Family”. In this ocassion, the session was dedicated to schools as a channel to build marketing and SRC strategies. 






On thursday 28th we celebrated the 5th monthly edition of #DesayunosKids with the advertising agency “The Modern Kids and Family”. In this ocassion dedicated to schools as a channel to build marketing and SRC strategies.

The session started with a reflexion whether if it is ethical or not to introduce advertising in primary schools and highschools, the conclusion in which all the atendees arrived it was to focus on whether the objective,   attitude and behavior of the company followed an actual social responsability model. 

The main points of the sessions were: (1) understanding that schools are the new lab when used in long term within educational background; meaning and understanding that brands have power to change certain perspectives regarding stereotypes, knowledge and education. However, companies must understand that by doing so their are also assuming a huge responsability. (2) When creating branding, comercial or advertising activities companies must take into account that it needs to be an investment done adequately because it can create and provoke adaptation and appraissal or on the contrary rejection and bad reputation (i.e.a visit to a factory made in an interactive way with samples and with learning, motivational and educational purposes will not present the same response as if it were only understood as a visit to the facilities).(3) If the company does not have a lot of time or money to invest a good thing they can do is to take advantage of mainstream topics or once in a lifetime thing such as anniversaries, celebrations, etc. i.e. 500 year anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci. 

Finally (4), at the end of the session, it was highlighted that there is a need to bet for branding activitites that are colective creations, that bring experimentation into the classrom and that impulse #gamification, forgetting the traditional idea of individual activities and individual prizes. Moreover, the teacher has to be given as many facilities as possible because this means an additional workload.



We cannot wait for our next #DesayunosKids which will start next semester!