Back Dr. Yasmina Okan joins the CAS research group

Dr. Yasmina Okan joins the CAS research group

Dr. Yasmina Okan joins the group as a Ramón y Cajal Senior Research Fellow


Imatge inicial

Dr. Yasmina Okan holds a degree in Psychology (Autonomous University of Madrid), a master's degree in Cognitive and Decision Sciences (University College London), and a Ph.D. in Psychology (University of Granada).

Prior to joining Pompeu Fabra University as a Ramón y Cajal Senior Research Fellow, Dr. Okan held positions as a Lecturer (2013-18) and as an Associate Professor (2018-2022) at the University of Leeds (Centre for Decision Research), where she is currently a Visiting Senior Research Fellow. She has also been a visiting researcher at several international institutions, including the Max Planck Institute for Human Development (Germany), Wake Forest University (USA), and the University of Oklahoma (USA).  Her research has been supported by grants from Cancer Research UK, the US Informed Medical Decisions Foundation, the Worldwide Universities Network, and the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

She also has published in numerous prestigious international journals in psychology, decision-making, public health, and environmental science. She was also president of the Society for the Study of Judgment and Decision Making (SEJyD) from 2018 to 2021.

Dr. Okan has spent more than ten years researching how medical and health information is communicated to the public (e.g., the risks and benefits of different treatments or interventions), how people interpret data presented in different formats, and how to design information in an accessible way to facilitate decision-making. In our group, Okan seeks to delve into how communication can influence risk perception and decision-making, specifically, how best to express probabilistic information in the health field.

Ramón y Cajal grants aim to incorporate national and foreign researchers with outstanding careers for a five-year position at Spanish universities or research institutions. The selection is based on a rigorous process of competitive concurrence of the candidates based on their curricular merits, scientific and professional experience, and the independence of their trajectory.  Based on these criteria, Dr. Okan obtained the third highest score in the field of Social Sciences, out of a total of 63 candidates evaluated across Spain.

Incorporating Okan into our research group reinforces its multidisciplinary nature and the will to continue betting on the intersection between society, psychology, and communication. The research group members welcome Yasmina and wish her the best of success.



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