Back New PhD Student Julia Guerrero Alcántara joins us with FI Joan Oró Grant

New PhD Student Julia Guerrero Alcántara joins us with FI Joan Oró Grant


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Julia Guerrero Alcántara, a new doctoral student, has recently become a part of our research group thanks to her successful acquisition of FI Joan Oró 2024 scholarship.

These scholarships, dedicated to the training of doctoral students, finance pre-doctoral contracts and are linked to R&D projects. Julia's doctoral thesis project is connected to the Health Communication research line of the Communication, Advertising, and Society (CAS) group. Guerrero Alcántara will delve into the public communication of cancer, analyzing informative content targeted towards the population to identify communicative deficiencies hindering equal and widespread knowledge of the disease, particularly in areas like prevention and early detection. This academic endeavour will be conducted under the guidance of Dr Yasmina Okan Gil.

Julia, our new doctoral student, commenced her academic journey in Sevilla at the Faculty of Communication of the University of Sevilla, where she pursued a degree in Journalism. She then ventured into academic research with a Master's Degree in Social Communication of Scientific Research from the Universidad Internacional de Valencia. Prior to joining our team, she embarked on her professional academic development as a doctoral student at the International Doctoral School of the University of Sevilla for two years. Her expertise in cancer communication has been bolstered by attending various workshops and meetings with medical and oncological professionals, as well as working in a cancer foundation's communication department.

With a professional enthusiasm to gain extensive knowledge in health communication, Julia Guerrero Alcántara joins the Department of Communication at Pompeu Fabra University. The research group members welcome her and wish her the best of success.



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