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This November, Dr. Emma Björner and Dr. Eva Maria Jernsand from the University of Gothenburg visited our university within the Eutopia program framework. Eutopia is an inclusive alliance of entrepreneurial and change-focused European universities, of which Pompeu Fabra University is part.

Dr. Eva Maria Jernsand and Dr. Emma Björner are researchers at Gothenburg Research Institute (GRI), the School of Business Economics and Law. Their line of research is, among others, the study of sustainable tourism and how places and destinations are communicated. 

Their interest in the intersection between Sustainable Development Goals, tourism, and communication has generated synergies with the CAS research line on place branding, led by Dr. José Fernández Cavia.

After the first meeting with other universities in Gothenburg, Dr. Jernsand and Dr. Björner spent two days in our department working and looking for future projects together. During their visit, other CAS members, such as Dr. Sara Vinyals and Ph.D. candidate Elisenda Aguilera, joined them to share research interests. 

During their stay, they also met with Barcelona Brand authorities and visited IDEAL, the first center in Southern Europe dedicated to the production and exhibition of digital arts.

With these meetings, both the University and the research group seek to explore ways of collaboration to design influential research projects of a European nature.



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