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How to choose a communication and public relations agency?

How to choose a communication and public relations agency?


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Dr Ramón Martín-Guart (UPF), Dr Joan Cuenca-Fontbona and Dr Kathy Matilla (URL) have developed a new model to select a public relations and communication agency. To carry out the study, different communication managers from the highest turnover companies in Spain, completed a questionnaire where they were asked to name different desirable attributes for a public relations and communication agency. Subsequently, factorial analysis and content analysis were carried on. 

The results indicate that the communication departments consider as main choosing attributes: experience, specialization in the sector and client portfolio; professionalism, reliability and quality; and the financial proposal.

This research enriches the scientific literature on public relations and communication while helping agencies to focus on the main attributes clients are looking for and professionals in communication departments on their decision making. 

The study has been published in Revista de Comunicación.



Cuenca-Fontbona, J., Compte-Pujol, M., Martín-Guart, R., & Matilla, K. (2022). Desarrollo de un nuevo modelo de evaluación competencial para la selección de una agencia de relaciones públicas y comunicación. Revista De Comunicación, 21(1), 137–157.





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