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How communicate CSR on social media successfully?

How communicate CSR on social media successfully?


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When communicating Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives on social media, companies tend to confine it to influencers to do on their behalf but, is it the best way to communicate CSR initiatives? Until now, there was a lack of evidence on its effectiveness. In order to help companies to choose the appropriate source and type of messages to communicate their CSR initiatives on social media, more research was needed.
This was the starting point for Lisa Dalla-Pria and Dr. Isabel Rodríguez-de-Dios who carried out a study to analyze how the type of source and message framing on social media influence message credibility, corporate reputation and word-of-mouth.
An online experiment between-subject design was conducted among 200 participants. Results indicate that overall an effective CSR communication should be posted by a corporate source and framed by values-driven motives. This study contributes to the contemporary literature regarding CSR communication and provides practical implications for companies.
The peculiarity of this research is that it has been carried out within the MSC in Strategic Communication and Public Relations, a joint degree from the University of Stirling and Pompeu Fabra University. This research is Lisa Dalla-Pria's final master's thesis, supervised by her tutor Dr. Isabel Rodríguez-de-Dios. Their findings have been published in Corporate Communications: An International Journal.
Dalla-Pria, L. and Rodríguez-de-Dios, I. (2022), "CSR communication on social media: the impact of source and framing on message credibility, corporate reputation and WOM", Corporate Communications: An International Journal, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.





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