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How does politicized celebrity’s activity on social media impact their audiences?

How does politicized celebrity’s activity on social media impact their audiences?

A study carried out by researchers from Universitat Pompeu Fabra confirms that political messages posted by celebrities in social media can have a larger influence among non- politicized audiences 


Imatge inicial

The day after the Spanish general elections of November 2019, the Catalan singer Rosalia published a short explicit tweet against the Spanish far-right populist party Vox with the text ‘Fuck vox’ that become viral.

Starting from this case, the authors analyze the impact of politicized celebrities on Twitter among politicized and non-politicized audiences. The results show that Rosalia had a great impact among left-wing and Catalan separatist parties, and among those users with no political preferences or political activity.

This study, published in Mediterranean Journal of Communication (MJC), sheds light on the potential of politicized celebrities to mobilize their non-politicized audiences to counter far-right movements in social networks.

Reference work:

Guerrero-Solé, F., Pujadas, E., Aira, T., y Mas-Manchón, L. (2022). Politicized celebrities against far-right on Twitter. Political preferences and activity of users retweeting Rosalia’s anti Vox tweet after the 2019 general elections in Spain. Revista Mediterránea de Comunicación/Mediterranean Journal of Communication, 13(2), xx-xx. 





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