Back Gender Divide in Digital Competence Among Young People in Spain

Gender Divide in Digital Competence Among Young People in Spain

Three doctors from the group published, together with others colleagues, an article in the academic journal Comunicar


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The CAS research group is made up of researchers from different disciplines and even from other universities. However, collaboration is widespread. We believe that diverse perspectives and backgrounds enrich research. A recent case is the publication of the results of an investigation carried out by Dr Elisenda Estanyol, Dr Leila Mohammadi and Dr Mireia Montaña in the academic journal Comunicar.

Their study addressed the impact of data-driven practices in today's digital communication landscape, particularly concerning the involvement of young people in civic and democratic activities. To explore this issue, the researchers focused on the concept of "digital citizenship" and aimed to investigate the gender-based differences in digital skills and knowledge and how these competencies can be harnessed to promote civic education with a focus on gender equality in the digital realm.

The researchers surveyed 600 young individuals between 16 and 18 in Spain. They assessed the digital competence of these participants through three key factors: technical skills, informational skills, and critical knowledge.

The study results indicate that, regarding technical and informational digital skills, both men and women exhibit relatively balanced proficiency, with a slight advantage for women. However, men appear to claim more critical knowledge in the digital domain. These findings have prompted a discussion on the importance of incorporating feminist theories in the realm of technology education. The article suggests developing strategies for teaching digital competence that promote gender equality and encourage active digital citizenship.



Estanyol, E., Montaña, M., Fernández de Castro, P., Aranda, D. & Mohammadi, L. (2023). Digital competence among young people in Spain: A gender divide analysis. Comunicar, 31(74), 113-123.




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