Back CAS researcher investigates music and arts to enhance children’s scientific literacy

CAS researcher investigates music and arts to enhance children’s scientific literacy

Since early 2022, Dr. J. Roberto Sánchez-Reina, a member of the CAS research group, has been involved in the Erasmus+ Project CACAO. The initiative aims to teach kindergarten children Cell Biology topics supported by music and arts



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Can music and arts enhance young children’s scientific literacy? This is the question proposed within the framework of the project Cell Biology and Art Class Omnibus (CACAO), an Erasmus+ initiative co-led by researchers and educators from 5 countries (Italy, Poland, Croatia, Belgium, and Spain).

The project aims to develop a curriculum for pre-primary educators to teach cell biology topics to young children by blending the knowledge of music and arts. Moreover, it addresses the design of teaching materials and their dissemination on an educational repository, the CACAO platform. As a project member, Dr. Sánchez-Reina has been involved in platform co-design activities, bringing educators the perspective of Media Education and scientific literacy.

In the words of Dr. Sánchez-Reina, "Although Erasmus+ projects target teachers' training and knowledge dissemination, the curriculum design and implementation of training involve much of the Media Literacy perspective. Particularly, in the case of CACAO, the project has involved the application of frameworks such as the concept of multi-literacies."

The main goal of the CACAO project is to enhance young children’s scientific literacy in cell biology. The curriculum includes topics such as learning about bacteria, germs, and viruses with engaging music and modern dance. The CACAO Project (Cell Biology and Art Class Omnibus) is an ERASMUS+ K2 project (KA220-SCH-FBB8AA01) with a two-year duration. The project is co-led by members of the TIDE research group at the Pompeu Fabra University. To get to know more about the project, visit the website: 




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