Back CAS Research Group secures funding for three projects promoting health communication and mental health awareness

CAS Research Group secures funding for three projects promoting health communication and mental health awareness

Five members will lead three research projects funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation


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The research project, titled "When Communicative Effectiveness Impacts Health: Perceptions of Doctor-Patient Communication and Strategies for Improvement," led by principal researchers Dr Emma Rodero and Dr Yasmina Okan, aims to enhance doctor-patient communication for improved healthcare outcomes. With a grant of €117,125 under the reference PID2022-138102OB-I00, this study delves into effective communication’s critical role in healthcare settings.

The second project, titled " Adolescent Receivers and Creators of Mental Health Content on Social Networks. Discourse, advocacy and Digital Literacy about Psychological Disorders and their Stigma", led by Principal Investigators Dr. Mònika Jiménez and Dr. Mireia Montaña, focuses on equipping adolescents with the knowledge and tools to advocate for mental health awareness. With a grant of €91,250 under the reference PID2022-141454OB-I00, this research initiative aims to explore adolescents’ role as consumers and creators of content related to mental health on social media platforms. The project investigates discourse, impact, and digital literacy concerning psychological disorders and the reduction of stigma associated with them.

In addition to the success of the UPF research members, Dr Olatz Larrea, on behalf of the University of Barcelona, has also received a favourable resolution. Her project will investigate the prevalence of misinformation about sexual and reproductive health on social media and its consequences on the youth in Spain.

The project, "Prevalence of Misinformation about Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) in Social Networks and its Impact on Spanish Youth", is led by Dr. Olatz Larrea and Dr. Maria Luisa Aznar. This project addresses the pressing issue of misinformation in sexual and reproductive health (SRH). With a grant of €49,980 under the reference PID2022-141576OA-100, the research aims to investigate the prevalence of SRH-related misinformation on social media platforms and assess its impact on the Spanish youth population.

The project teams for all three projects consist of diverse members from the CAS group, which will facilitate highly beneficial synergies among team members. This will strengthen research within the group and enhance interactions with researchers from other universities and disciplines.

The research group at UPF congratulates these accomplished doctors on their achievements. It looks forward to the valuable insights and advancements they will contribute to the fields of healthcare communication and mental health awareness.



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