Kids Breakfast / February 15th

Kids Breakfast / February 15th


The modern kids, child and teenagers communication and marketing agency and  CAS (Communication, Advertising and Society), research group of the advertising and public relations studies of Pompeu Fabra University, organized the Kids Breakfast,  small format event which brings together companies and professionals from the children's sector to discuss trends, cases of study, challenges, etc.

This time, The Modern Kids presented a consumer study of children between 8 and 12 years old with relevant data as, for example, the one which places Spain as the European country that spends more on food and presents for children during Christmas.

On the other hand; Mònika Jimenez professor of the department and co director of  MediaCorp project, research that focuses on the influence of advertising on the construction of children's body image, presented the research, action and communication objectives of the project. The presentation highlighted the social demand generated since MediaCorp conducts workshops in schools and the media coverage reached from the Advertising and Body Image Conference held in February.