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First CAS Meeting of 2018

First CAS Meeting of 2018

The first friday of February (2nd) took place the first CAS meeting, an agreed space where the group is updated with the projects of each one of the members in it, and where the issues that are directly associated with the management of the group are discussed.                               







The meeting was introduced by Dra. Laura Aymerich-Franch a Ramón y Cajal research fellow in our Department of Communication, here at Pompeu Fabra University about her most recent research line. 

Moreover, we welcomed back Sara Vinyals and Jasmin Séra from their respective research stays.

Then our research group coordinator Dr. Lluís Mas gave a report on the important issues for the CAS, putting the emphasis on the next events in which we are involved, and finally we visited the laboratory on psychophysiological measures created by Dra. Emma Rodero.


We would also would like to congratulate again Marta Narberhaus Martínez, professor of Journalism at the UPF, who was awarded the first prize of the XXIX CAC Awards on Audiovisual Communication for her work on "Children's news. Topics, information quality and audience reception around Newsround, Logo and InfoK "


Thank you very much to those who attended, until next time!!!

If you want to attend one of the CAS meetings because you are interested in the research that is done by the group, do not hesitate to write us!!



CAS is pre-consolidated group 2017 SGR 00485 (AGAUR). Also an interdisciplinary group that studies the communication phenomena in the intersection between two areas: communication and advertising, on one hand; and individual and society, on the other hand.

The work of CAS has focused on three branches of study:

-Tourist brands and place branding.

-Influence of advertising messages on body image of children and adolescents.

-Sound studies and psychophysiological measures.

Consequently, it promotes the combined use of quantitative and qualitative techniques in order to achieve a deeper understanding of how communication and advertising influence people’s individual and social behaviour.

The research group belongs to the Department of Communication, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (Spain).








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