CAS - Communication Advertising & Society


Desayunos Kids: SRC strategies in School

On thursday 28th, we celebrated the 5th monthly edition of #KidsBreakfast with the advertising agency “The Modern Kids and Family”. In this ocassion, the session was dedicated to schools as a channel to build marketing and SRC strategies. 





From Utopia to Cynicism: The Representation of Politicians in Contemporary Series

On June 14th CAS and POLCOM celebrated a seminar entitled "From Utopia to Cynicism: The Representation of Politicians in Contemporary Series" 



4th edition of #DesayunoKids about CSR

On Wednesday 16th of May it was celebrated the 4th edition of #DesayunoKids (Breakfast Kids) about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its impact on society, business and children.


Department of Communication

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CAS is pre-consolidated group 2017 SGR 00485 (AGAUR). Also an interdisciplinary group that studies the communication phenomena in the intersection between two areas: communication and advertising, on one hand; and individual and society, on the other hand.

The work of CAS has focused on three branches of study:

-Tourist brands and place branding.

-Influence of advertising messages on body image of children and adolescents.

-Sound studies and psychophysiological measures.

Consequently, it promotes the combined use of quantitative and qualitative techniques in order to achieve a deeper understanding of how communication and advertising influence people’s individual and social behaviour.

The research group belongs to the Department of Communication, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (Spain).