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The Escola Superior Politécnica and the Department of Information and Communications Technologies (DTIC) have oferred the 2016 session of Escolab. Escolab is an initiative of that opens the doors os Catalonia's laboratories and research centres to secondary school students.

The event took place during the morning of the 24/02/2016, and oferred a set of interactive exhibitions of the main lines of research carried out in the DTIC. Demo topics included humanoid robotics, injectable devices for recovery of motor paralysis patients, interactive virtual reality with Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard, and technologies applied to music, color, language, memory and attention.



The Analysis of Biomedical Data  group presented two demos prepared by Carlos Ruiz, Joan Puig and Cecília Nunes, consisting of 3D-printing and simulation of femur loading.

The 3D-printing demo consisted in an explanation of the technology and its potential. The students then performed a segmentation of a vertebra from thoracic CT images to prepare it for printing, with the software 3D Slicer.

The femur-loading simulation demo consisted of an intro about the importance of the knowledge we can extract from such simulations as oposed to in vivo and ex vivo analysis. This was followed by a hands-on simulation where the students could specify the load and observe the resulting displacement, using software PreView, FEBio, PostView.