CFX goes to the 2018 edition of Myocardial Velocity & Deformation Imaging in Leuven



CFX was present in the 2018 edition of the Myocardial Velocity & Deformation Imaging annual symposium hosted by KU Leuven, where the main advances involving cardiac ultrasound imaging research take the spotlight, with a special focus on motion and deformation analysis.

Academy, industry (GE Healthcare, Siemens, Philips, Canon, Sandoz and Daiichi-Sankyo) and clinics were very well represented in this event. 

The two days were divided in themed sessions composed of several talks each. These year's themes were: 

  • Big Data  
  • High Frame Rate Imaging 
  • Mechanics of the Dyssynchronous LV 
  • LA Function Assessment - Why and How?  
  • The Loaded RV  
  • The Loaded LV 
  • LV Structure and Function  
  • Strain Standardization  
  • Heart Failure and Diastolic Function 

CFX ESR Èric Lluch gave a talk on 'Micro structural and fibre remodelling in congenital heart disease - Synchrotron imaging of fetal hearts', within the aim of the  LV Structure and Function session.


High quality discussions after each talk were fomented by session moderators.


As usual, this intensive event was extremely useful to get an overview of the main research advances regarding cardiac ultrasound imaging. Many thanks to the research groups of Cardiology & Cardiovascular Imaging and Dynamics of the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences of KU Leuven, for another high quality symposium.



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