Cohosting Early Childhood Relationships with Animals

Cohosting Early Childhood Relationships with Animals

Exploring how/why we become speciesist with age and how we can reverse the trend



The UPF-Centre for Animal Ethics was a cohost of the Early Childhood Relationships with Animals event, a Zoom webinar about children's natural love and compassion towards animals and how to nurture that connection as they grow.

How do we build a compassionate world? This webinar explores children's natural empathy for animals.  Teachers, psychologists, authors, vegan storybook artist and sanctuary owners discuss nurturing childrens' purest impulses through school, literature and diet.  Are we born speciesist? Or gradually indoctrinated?

Date: Friday 4 March 2022 - 6 pm- 7.30pm CET

The event is organized by the National Lawyers Guild NYC Animal Rights Committee and cohosted also by the HEART (Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers)Animal Rights Florida, and Plant Powered Metro New York.






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