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Fernando Giraldez is professor of Developmental Biology at CEXS-UPF. Born in 1952 in Buenos Aires from Spanish parents, returned to Spain at the age of eight to live in Santander and Madrid. Studied at the Instituto Ramiro de Maeztu, and Medicine at the Universidad de Valladolid, obtaining his PhD. Continued his post-doctoral training at the University of Cambridge (UK) between 1979 and 1983. Back in Spain he set his own lab first as a Lecturer and then Full Professor since 1989. Appointed twice as Head of the Department, spent a mandate as Vicerector of Research.

Research lines

Worked for many years in Neuroscience and Developmental Biology, focusing on the development and function of sensory organs Published more than eighty papers and reviews in international books and journals. Invited to give talks and seminars in various universities and research institutes as well as in scientific meetings and symposia. Expert and panel member of research agencies and international journals. Founder member of the Spanish Society of Developmental Biology (SEBD), and the Spanish Biophysical Society (SBE), he belongs to the Spanish Societies of Neurosciences (SENC-FENS) and Molecular Biology (SEBBM).

Recent interests are related to neuroscience and philosophical thought and aesthetics. He has designed courses of Neurosciences as oriented to Humanities and Social Sciences, and is regularly involved in activities directed to the public dissemination of Science, including writings, talks at schools, courses and events for the community (


Fernando Giraldez has a long experience in graduate and post-graduate education. He has been guest speaker in advanced courses in various universities, member of PhD committees and external examiner for several Spanish and European universities. Developed courses on General Physiology, Medical Physiology, Neurosciences and Developmental Biology, and new master studies.

Other Interests

Fernando is a regular reader, fond of opera, flamenco, and Latin-American music. Likes cooking, plays classical guitar and he is a long-distance runner, all performed with remarkable decor.