Coordinator of Databases and Web Development

[email protected]

Lecturer in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology . University of Barcelona

INB Team leader at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center

BsC in Chemistry (Universitat de Barcelona) in 1984, PhD in Chemistry (Universitat de Barcelona) in 1990.

Lecturer in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Department of Biochemistry, Universitat de Barcelona.

Director of the Computational Bioinformatics node of the Spanish National Institute of Bioinformatics, hosted by the Life Science Department at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

Author of over 70 peer-review scientific papers in the field of bioinformatics, and computational biology.

Research lines

Research interest

His main research interests are protein structure to function relationships, protein flexibility, solvation issues in macromolecule dynamics and protein-ligand docking.

Work done at the National Institute of Bioinformatics includes the development of solutions for data integration in biology, including web-services, database management in large genomic projects and integration of bioinformatics in HPC environments.