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The Rocket Platform is a cloud-based architecture that builds customized and user-friendly platforms. Rocket platforms help to collaboratively share, search and annotate data, to automate deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications, anywhere either your data or computational engines are.

The Rocket ecosystem




Tools launcher

Data explorer, Image viewer, Atlas variability analysis, Data fusion tools, Benchmarking experiments, Comparision tools ...

Data manager

Protocols, Standards, Datasets, Queries, Searches, ...

Data analyzer

Intrasubject comparison, Intersubject comparison, Reproductibility analysis, Statistics analysis, Machine learning algorithms, ...


Data annotation, Data sharing, ...

Use case 1: Collaborative clinical data manager


With all the advancements of drug/device therapies and the ever broader spectrum of clinical symptoms, prognosis and therapies, almost each individual patient needs a targeted and personalised treatment strategy. For many conditions, best-practice is translated into clinical guidelines, expert opinion consensus or scientific publications. However, access and capability of handling this vast information is getting more limited.

Rocket intends to provide a flexible access to medical knowledge relevant for the patient and easy access to the evaluation of decision trees suggested by professional organisations and literature, as well as fetch filtered information of similar or relevant patient cases through quick overview of entire databases.

Use case 2: Crowdsource BioImage web tool builder


With the fast growing availability of approaches for large and varied biomedical images, the choice of the most appropriate tool for addressing a specific scientific question becomes more and more inefficient. So there is a need for a flexible and dynamic database of possible approaches towards bioimage analysis that integrates user experiences of the tools. Besides this, demonstrating their performance on example datasets is as important.

Rocket aims at providing a real-time collaborative and structured information sharing interface, pointers to relevant sample datasets, online tool execution as well as access to benchmarks and statistical comparison.

Our current status:




Gemma Piella

[email protected]

Chong Zhang

[email protected]

Carlos Yagüe

[email protected]



Application online software on cell segmentation is coming soon :) ...



Publications / progress on Rocket:


  1. C. Zhang, C. Yagüe, D. Pezzatini, B. Bijnens, O. Camara, The Rocket App: a flexible, modular, Cloud-based platform for the management of heterogeneous data/information from multiple acquisition/tools for biomedical and clinical research. BioImage Analysis Symposium: "Workflows and Open Tools", 2017. AbstractPosterNews
  2. C. Zhang, C. Yagüe, NEUBIAS tagging and benchmarking webtool prototype mockup, User Interaction experience link, 2016.
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  4. C. Zhang, C. Yagüe, mockup design for NEUBIAS tagging webtool:  Use case 2: Explore a component, 2016.
  5. C. Zhang, C. Yagüe, mockup design for NEUBIAS benchmarking webtool:  Use case 3: Benchmarking of a component, 2016.
  6. C. Zhang, C. Yagüe, mockup design for NEUBIAS tagging webtool:  Use case 4: Explore a tagger, 2016.
  7. C. Zhang, C. Yagüe, mockup design for NEUBIAS webtool:  Use case 5: Platform real time notifications, 2016.


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