Back BEAM receives ethical approval from CIREP

BEAM receives ethical approval from CIREP

UPF’s CIREP has given BEAM ethical approval to proceed with the research studies in the project. The project has received both its ethics compliance certificate and personal data protection certificate. 


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BEAM contributes to efforts aimed at improving mental health literacy among teachers and students. The project is a collaboration between TIDE Research Group and FubIntLab, BEAM and involves multidisciplinary collaborations among researchers (education technology, HCI, neuroscience, bioengineering), medical professionals (child and adolescent psychologists), and educators. The project builds off of work done in the Erasmus+ Spotlighters Project which focused on student self-management and self-care by analysing data collected from classroom interventions and by running exploratory studies aimed at advancing the ClassMood App – to strengthen its scientific grounding and identify opportunities to better serve disadvantaged students.

Collaborators in BEAM include biomedical researchers (neuroscience, bioengineering, psychology), health care professionals (such as psychologists working at a hospital), and education technology researchers. Marc Beardsley (PI) is a researcher and project manager in the TIDE research group. Batuhan Sayis is a researcher in FubIntLab of the CMTech research group. 




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