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3 open positions as part of the euCanSHare H2020 project

3 open positions as part of the euCanSHare H2020 project

We offer two exciting postdoc positions and a project manager position, as part of the euCanSHare H2020 project.


The euCanSHare H2020 project will develop the first centralised, secure and sustainable platform for enhanced cross-border data sharing and multi-study personalised medicine research in cardiology. Initially populated with 35 European and Canadian cohorts (corresponding to over one million records), the platform will include extensive functionalities for data deposition, data harmonisation and data analysis. The features of the platform will be demonstrated and adjusted through several use cases, including for investigating diabetic cardiomyopathy, myocardial infarction and stroke using multi-factorial and multi-omics integrative approaches. The data analysis module of the platform will offer tools for cardiac image segmentation, cardiac quantification, and data quality control, as well as bioinformatics and machine learning capabilities.

We are looking for two candidates to work on the following tasks:

  • New deep learning methods for large-scale and multi-study cardiovascular image analysis
  • Advanced statistics and machine learning for large-scale and multi-study cardiovascular data analytics

We are also looking for a project manager to coordinate the operational, administrative and management activities of the euCanSHare project,  providing generally the ‘back office’ services required and supporting the Project Coordinator in the overall coordination of the project.

You can see more information about the positions in the following links:


If you are interested, you should contact [email protected] The application deadline is 01/12/2018.