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New seminars organized by the QUAES-UPF Chair



This Friday, September 21, the next seminars organized by the QUAES-UPF chair will take place. These seminars will focus on the most recent advances in medical imaging using artificial intelligence.

The Chair is fortunate to count on 3 renowned international speakers for these seminars. In the first place, Daniel Rueckert of the Imperial College London will present his work "Deep Learning for medical image reconstruction super-resolution, classification and segmentation". Daniel Rueckert is the head of the computing department at Imperial College London. His research aims to develop new computational techniques for the analysis of biomedical images. At the same time, his objective is to translate the methodology developed into clinical practice that addresses real-world problems in health care. Next, Yoshihito Otake, from the Nara Institute of Science and Technology in Japan, will present his work entitled "Patient-specific modeling of muscle fiber arrangement by registration of high fidelity cadaver data". Finally, Julia Schnabel will close the day with her presentation on "Deep learning for image quality control and data labeling using attention maps." Julia is the head of the department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Biomedical Engineering and Image Sciences of King's College London. Julia's current research interests are in machine/deep learning, nonlinear motion modelling, multi-modality imaging, dynamic imaging and quantitative imaging for applications in cancer imaging, cardiovascular imaging, perinatal imaging and neurosciences. Her focus is on developing mathematically principled methods for correcting complex types of motion, such as sliding organs, fetal movements, as well as motion artefacts in dynamic imaging. She also has an interest in early disease detection, characterisation and prediction of response to treatment, with the aim of rapid translation into clinical practice for patient stratification and improved treatment outcome.Then, you can see the program of the seminars on the 21st.

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