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BCN MedTech participates in Escolab

BCN MedTech participates in Escolab

Last Friday February 23rd, BCN MedTech, research unit of the Engineering department at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, prepared several activities and workshops for high school students from different centers in Barcelona.


BCN MedTech, in collaboration with the QUAES-UPF chair, organized 4 events in the field of computational engineering applied to health.

Epilepsy diagnostic techniques

A workshop led by Marc Grau and Cristina González, members of the Research Group in Analysis of Nonlinear Temporary Series, from BCN MedTech, in which they explained the two main areas of research of their group: oscillators, and analysis of electroencephalograms for the detection of epilepsy and help in the diagnosis.

Analyzing the beats of the athletes

This activity gave an overview of important concepts in cardiology and an introduction to the use of images for diagnosis. Next, the adaptive changes of the cardiovascular system of the athletes were shown. The teachers were Gabriel Bernardino and Mariana Nogueira, members of the PhySense Research Group, belonging to BCN MedTech.

Simulating cardiac arrhythmias

In this workshop we saw how the electrical system of the heart works and the new technologies that allow to simulate the electrical activity. For example, it was possible to simulate a heart scar from a heart attack by lowering the electrical conductivity in the affected part. The workshop was led by Cecilia Nunes and Èric Lluch, members of the PhySense Research Group, from BCN MedTech.

Exploring implantable wireless micro stimulators

In this activity the students approached the development of some medical devices. In particular, they explored two methods currently used for implantable wireless micro stimulators, and used a phantom to see the operation of the micro-stimulators developed by the Biomedical Research Electronic Research Group (BERG) in charge of Antoni Ivorra, director of BERG and members of his team Laura Becerra Fajardo and Javier Aguirre.

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