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Biomedical Engineering students display their innovative research about medical devices

Biomedical Engineering students display their innovative research about medical devices

Within the subject of the 6th year of the Biomedical Engineering degree, the students have been working during the whole trimester on the development of new medical devices, which they will present  next December 4th, from 14:30h to 18:30h in the Auditorium of Campus Poblenou, Universitat Pompeu Fabra


Students from the bachelor’s degree in  Biomedical engineering will display  the research projects they are carrying out within the framework of the subject “Introduction to Medical Device and their Design” (IMDD). This subject is coordinated by professor  Oscar Camara in the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (DTIC) at UPF, who is a Principal Investigator of BCN MedTech. This teaching activity enjoys the support of various organizations, research centres, hospitals and companies related to biomedicine.

The projects will be presented to a tribunal composed of healthcare professionals from companies, hospitals and associations: Jose Luis Fernández (FENIN, AB Medica), Mariano Barbero (Sorin-Livanova), Ayman Moghnieh (Alquimia), José Manuel Santabárbara (Eresa), Marc Alameda (Servei d’Electromedicina de l’Hospital del Mar).

The final agenda of the event is:

14:35-15:00. Oassys: oncology assistance system. Ekain Arrieta, Belén Cantos, Eduardo Castañeda, Antton Lamarka, Joan Ribas 

15:00-15:25. B-tell: smart medical dressing for premature infection detection. Minerva Gándara, Sergio Gómez, Nagore Izaguirre, Clàudia Miralles, Mar Moya. 

15:25-15:50. geLAAOtin: personalized left atrial appendage occlusion system with gelatin-based biomaterials. Amaia Iribar, Anna Serra, Julia Pose, Ainhoa Aguado. 

15:50-16:15. Beaware: preventing babies from sudden death. Paz Vila-Puig, Ariadna Reberté, Laura Sistach, Marta Ruscalleda. 

16:15-16:40. Medchord: acquisition device for screening of vocal chord disorders. Beatriz Fernandez-Montells, Pablo Martí, Arnau Manasanch, Laura Madrenas. 

16:40-16:50. Small break 

16:50-17:15. Neuromads-bMotion: rehabilitation system for hemiplegia based in an orthosis commanded by BCI. Miguel Casal, Agustín Rovira, David Alonso, Santiago Calella. 

17:15-17:40. EpilepTech: portable, non-invasive and patient-specific device for seizure detection in patients with epilepsy. Raquel Rodríguez, Mikel Domingo, Esther Motjer, Guillem Garcia. 

17:40-18:05. Kheirex-TactSense: bringing tactile feedback to laparoscopic surgery. Edoardo Polo, Anna Manchón, Adolfo Aguirrezábal. 

18:05-18:30. WELA: cost-effective wearable laparoscope. Carla Sendra, Victor Carmona, Roger Domingo, Ester Cavallé. 

18:30-18:35. Wrap-up


We hope to see you there!