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Next Scientific Seminars

Next Scientific Seminars

Two scientific seminars given by prestigious international researchers, will take place the next November 15th and 16th.



Next Wednesday, November 15 at 3:30 pm, Prof. Kevin Cleary will give a seminar on the Bioinengineering Initiative at 'Children's National Health System' within the framework of the scientific activities of dissemination of the  Chair Fundación QUAES - UPF.

This talk will give an overview of the recently established Bioengineering Initiative in the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation at Children’s National Medical Center, Washington, DC, USA. The mission of the Bioengineering Initiative is to serve as an engineering research for the hospital and work with clinical partners to develop technology for minimally invasive interventions. The technology developments include medical devices, medical robotics, image registration and fusion, and image-guided navigation for pediatric interventions. The clinical applications include laparoscopic abdominal surgery, knee arthoscopy, craniosynostosis, ureteroscopy, and cochlear implant surgery. The institute includes scientists, radiologists, and surgeons that are dedicated to improving the precision and decreasing the invasiveness of pediatric procedures.

Prof. Cleary leads the interdisciplinary team of the Bioinengineering Initiative at the Sheikh Zayed Institute, which is focused on improving visualization in pediatric surgery through medical devices and robotics. As part of this work, the technical team will modify the devices designed for adult surgery in order to work better on the smaller bodies of children.

Prof. Cleary is a world reference in the development of medical technology, and in particular the diagnosis, planning and simulation of surgery based on medical images, as well as surgical robotics.

This seminar will take place at room 55.410 of the Tanger building, at the Poblenou campus of the UPF.


On November 16th at 15h30, Prof Hervé Delingette will talk about the Challenges in Uncertainty Quantification in Medical Image Registration. Prof. Delingette is an expert in image analysis and computational modeling of the heart, in addition to being one of the pioneers in computational surgical simulation, applied to radiofrequency therapies for liver ablation and neurosurgery. He is currently the research director in the ASCLEPIOS research group at the INRIA research center in Sophia Antipolis.

His main research topics include the segmentation of images based on explicit shape models and personalized biophysical modeling from biomedical images. Those research topics are at the basis of computational physiology which aims at producing a digital representation of the function of the human body in a realistic, personalized and predictive way. His main research interests are at the intersection of digital image processing, geometry, numerical analysis and medicine and they specifically include the tridimensional reconstruction of the liver, the computational modeling of the heart and of brain tumor growth

This seminar will take place in room 52.S29 of Roc Boronat Building, at Poblenou Campus UPF.

We hope to see you there!