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EView is a platform for electric field simulation for electroporation applications using needle electrodes. Electric field modeling is required in electroporation therapies, because success relies on covering the target volume with a high enough electric field. 

Thus, the purpose of this platform is to provide an easy way to approximate the electric field given any arbitrary positioning and voltage applied on a 3D homogeneous tissue. 

This way, it is simple to visualize the electric field behavior, how placing electrodes too distant will drastically diminish the electric field in between, how multiple electrodes will contribute to the final electric field, or 

how it will propagate when placing the electrodes in a non-parallel fashion. It is a key factor to know this behavior because current electroporation applications rely on placing the electrodes close enough and in a parallel fashion to ensure covering the target area with a high enough

electric field, bit this is not always possible, e.g. a vital vessel nearby a deep seated tumor could compromise an ideal electrode setup. This platform has been built to solve this problem, to know how misplacing an electrode can affect the final shape of the electric field.


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