Health platforms that gather biomedical information and deliver it straight into the palm of clinicians are highly needed. This would mean that doctors would no longer need to find patient data in old-fashioned repositories, but they could easily access them, at anytime, anywhere. This requires the platform to be web-based, and to satisfy confidentiality requirements. The benefits that this kind of platforms offer are significant; doctors won’t have to deal with crude information anymore, and they’ll be able to spend more time with patients, which will likely reduce the chances of making wrong decisions.


In BCN-MEDTECH, we have a team of software engineers working towards such platform, which apart from providing the data repository, counts with a computation engine that allows users to execute algorithms in the cloud and an interpretation engine that analyzes biomedical data to get some statistics in a comprehensive way. This platform will be complemented with open source tools for research, and client-tailored versions of these for commercial purposes.



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