Back Thays Oliveira just got her PhD title

Thays Oliveira just got her PhD title

Thays Aparicio de Oliveira, an active member of the BARG, passed her dissertation defense this week. The title of the thesis is “Digital cities for development. Connecting real, sustainable, smart and digital cities” and the advisors are Prof. Helena Ramalhinho and Prof. Miquel Oliver of Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She was a student of the PhD Programme in ICT of the Information and Communication Technologies Engineering (ETIC) department of Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF).

The members of the evaluation committee were Prof. Esteve Almirall, Prof. Albert Bel and Prof. Ester Oliveira.

The defense was done online, and in thus way many colleagues, friends, and family were able to attend the public presentation of the thesis.

Congratulations Thays!





“Digital cities for development. Connecting real, sustainable, smart and digital cities” by Thays Aparicio de Oliveira


This thesis addresses on research accomplished and published during the last five years on the state-of-the-art about the development on Smart and Digital Cities. The world population has been increasing and conglomerating mainly in urban centers and, in order to provide better life quality to citizens, new strategies are being taken under the scope of innovation and technology. Among its contri- butions, this thesis focuses on the connection between technologies and social science, one of its aims is to perceive the way citizens are being inserted into this rapidly transformed environment. Based on operations research techniques, so- lutions that cover mobility, marketing, governance, privacy, education, citizen’s right, among others, are highlighted in the collection of papers presented here. Cutting-edge concepts of information and communication technologies, internet- of-things, blockchain, smart contracts, internet-of-value, optimization, are intro- duced, explored and extended, contributing for society to move towards sustain- able, efficient and transparent use of technology.



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