A new MSc in Management specialization in Operations and Supply Chain Management

A new MSc in Management specialization in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Prof. Jesica de Armas is the Academic Coordinator. 



The  BSM-Pompeu Fabra University offers a new MSc in Management specialization in Operations and Supply Chain Management. 

You can read HERE the interview to Professor Jesica de Armas, the academic coordinator of this specialization and a member of the Business Analytics Research Group.

Professor De Armas mentioned that: Nowadays, operations and supply chain are present in almost every company. The proper management of them is one of the keys to obtain good results. This specialization aims to provide this demanding profile in the job market

Professor Jésica de Armas is Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) at the Department of Economics and Business, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF). She has a large experience in research and consulting in the area of Operations Resaerch and Logistics. Her research interests include Operations Research, Combinatorial Optimization, Metaheuristics, Machine Learning, Simulation, Vehicle Routing, Scheduling, Logistics, Production, Transportation, and Health Care Optimization.  Much of her contributions as a researcher propose and apply novel techniques to solve realistic optimization problems. To improve and increase her skills and knowledge in this area, she has made stays with researchers and leading research groups in different international cities, such as Edinburgh (United Kingdom), Nottingham (United Kingdom), Cosenza (Italy), Boulder (USA), and Hamburg (Germany).

As a result of her research, she has published a large number of articles in high impact factor journalsand she has participated in a large number of relevant conferences in the field. One of her most cited works entitled “Variable Neighborhood Search for a Dynamic Rich Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows” allowed her to establish technology transfer with a company through the development of optimization algorithms. The integration of these algorithms in the framework of the company is still used as a key tool in the development of the business. Due to the importance and impact of optimizing the company’s procedures in their economy, nowadays she maintains two collaboration agreements with two other companies.

Recently, she had the honor of receiving the 2017 Luiz Azcárraga Award from the ENAIRE Foundation (Ministerio de Fomento) thanks to one of her works in the air transport sector “A multi-start randomized heuristic for real-life crew rostering problems in airlines with work-balancing goals “.