Three new projects in the BARG financed by Planetary Wellbeing

Three new projects in the BARG financed by Planetary Wellbeing

Several researchers, members of BARG, UPF and ESCI-UPF, have been funded by the third research call of Planetary Wellbeing-UPF.



In the category of Pilot Research Projects and Establishment of Research Collaborations in Planetary Wellbeing, the three proposals and researchers selected from BBARG are:

Helena Ramalhinho for "Healthcare Mobility - an optimization approach"; Sergi Jiménez-Martín and Antonio Ladrón de Guevara for "Food Sustainability Education (FSE) in Catalan Schools" and Jesica de Armas and Jaume Garcia for "Analysis of the changes that the covid-19 pandemic has induced in Catalan households' waste generation and recycling behavior and its derived environmental impacts ".

This research will be done in collaboration with: Daniel Serra (UPF); Jessica Rodríguez-Pereira (UPF), Mercè Roca (ESCI), Rosephine Georgina Rakotonirainy (University of Cape Town), Pedro Martins (Coimbra Business School – ISCAC), Luciana Pessoa (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio))

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