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Best Paper Award from journal Omega

Best Paper Award from journal Omega



BARG member Alberto Santini has won the best paper award from the journal "Omega", for a paper he co-authored with Silvano Martello and Enrico Malaguti (University of Bologna).

The title of the paper is "The Traveling Salesman Problem with Pickup, Delivery, and Draft Limits", and it appeared in Issue 74 (2018) of Omega.

Omega is a Quartile-1 journal, ranked 5th in "Operations Research & Management Science" by the Web of Science Journal Citation Report.

This is the abstract of the paper:

We introduce a new generalization of the traveling salesman problem with pickup and delivery,that stems from applications in maritime logistics, in which each node represents a port and hasa known draft limit. Each customer has a demand, characterized by a weight, and pickups anddeliveries are performed by a single ship of given weight capacity. The ship is able to visit a portonly if the amount of cargo it carries is compatible with the draft limit of the port. We present aninteger linear programming formulation and we show how classical valid inequalities from theliterature can be adapted to the considered problem. We introduce heuristic procedures and abranch-and-cut exact algorithm. We examine, through extensive computational experiments, theimpact of the various cuts and the performance of the proposed algorithms.