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EURO 2018 - Valencia

EURO 2018 - Valencia


Several members of the Business Analytics Research Group participate in the EURO 2018 – 29th European Conference on Operational Research at Valencia, Spain, 8-11 July, 2018.

Marcelus Fabri and Helena Ramalhinho - Optimizing Factory Logistics in a Automotive Industry

Jesica de Armas, Manuel Laguna - A two-phase approach for the parallel machine ca- pacitated lot-sizing and scheduling problem with shared resources

Carolina Castañeda, Daniel Serra - Heuristic framework to reduce aggregation errors in location models

Alberto Santini - A hybrid machine learning and ALNS approach to the orienteering problem

Mohammad Ghaderi, Nuria Agell, Milosz Kadzinski - Better together: improved predictive accuracy of preference disaggregation by discovering structural similarities in preference models