Our students said...


“A summer to remember. While abroad, my eyes opened to a wealth of knowledge in unique and interesting courses and I made lifelong friends from around the globe all in an amazing and beautiful city.” – Karolyn Sundberg (API student, USA). 



"Enjoyable environment, powerful learning"– Chaimae Saadi (Al Akhawayn University, Morocco).



“Being part of the program is once-in-a-life experience. It's not just about meeting people from all over the world and discovering different points of view (which I feel is so interesting) but also discovering  yourself in a challenging and very diverse environment being able to grow in both academic and personal paths” – Mireia Dilmé, UPF student). 



“UPF Summer School has done an excellent job in allowing me to grow as a person, an intellectual, and as a Spanish speaker. I can’t wait to carry these acquired skills with me forever!” – Maria Fredericks (ISA student, USA).



“Good experience at our home university while gaining academic skills” – Chiara Cortegiani (UPF student).



A whirlwind of life changing experiences you don't want to miss!” – Jessie Gomez (Texas A&M University, USA). 



“The diversity of students in the same class was beyond beneficial. It allowed students from different cultural backgrounds converse to better understand different perspectives on similar topics” – Alexandra Laurence (SAI programs, USA).



“After starting the program, I quickly understood why UPF is renowned as a prestigious European university. My professors were experts in their fields that were also effective teachers” – Rachel Bruce (API student, USA).



“My professors were great and dedicated to help the students. The course materials were interesting, challenging and relevant” – Briseida Diaz (ISA student, USA).



“Totally exceeded all of my expectations” – Kylie Cappellano (ISA student, USA).