“Enjoyable environment, powerful learning” – Chaimae Saadi (Al Akhawayn University, Morocco).

“UPF enhanced my experience in Barcelona in that what I was learning in the classroom was directly applicable to what I was experiencing culturally” – Charlotte Paine (University of Texas at Austin, USA).

“Totally exceeded all of my expectations” – Kylie Cappellano (ISA student, USA).

“UPF Summer School has done an excellent job in allowing me to grow as a person, an intellectual, and especially as a Spanish speaker. I can’t wait to carry these acquired skills with me forever!” – Maria Fredericks (ISA student, USA).

“This program was both extremely educational and fun. I am infatuated with both of my teachers. I am amazed that I have great friends from Spain, UK, Canada, Mexico, and more. Loved it, wish I could stay forever” – Kristina Sencion (SAI programs, USA).

“Amazing!  I have learned so much more than I could ever thought just from the fact that I have students in my classes from all over the world” - Kristina Sencion (SAI programs, USA).

“The diversity of students in the same class was beyond beneficial. It allowed students from different cultural backgrounds converse to better understand different perspectives on similar topics. This was an opportunity abroad that most students don’t get at their home universities” – Alexandra Laurence (SAI programs, USA).

“It was challenging, but worth it” – Kylee Karns (ISA student, USA).

“My study abroad experience was unforgettable. It has been great to live in Barcelona, study at a great school with foreign and local students, and immerse myself into the city and its culture” – Cesar Perez (UCLA, USA).

“My professors were great and dedicated to help the students. The course materials were interesting, challenging and relevant” – Briseida Diaz (ISA student, USA).

“I have loved learning about this city in a classroom environment while simultaneously experiencing it for myself. I only wish I had more time here” – Kathryn Benson (UCLA, USA).

“Good experience at our home university while gaining academic skills” – Chiara Cortegiani (UPF student).

“UPF Barcelona Summer school 2015 was a summer to remember. While abroad, my eyes opened to a wealth of knowledge in unique and interesting courses and I made lifelong friends from around the globe all in an amazing and beautiful city.” – Karolyn Sundberg (API student, USA). 

“I’ve never learned so many new things in such a short amount of time.” – Chanise Love (ISA student, USA).

“This experience was not just "studying abroad". It was a comprehensive and immersive experience that connected me with people around the world and gave me deep insights on life” – Andy Tran (UCLA, USA). 

“Being part of the program is once-in-a-life experience. It's not just about meeting people from all over the world and discovering different points of view (which I feel is so interesting) but also discovering  yourself in a challenging and very diverse environment being able to grow in both academic and personal paths” – Mireia Dilmé, UPF student). 

“After starting the program, I quickly understood why UPF is renowned as a prestigious European university. My professors were experts in their fields that were also effective teachers” – Rachel Bruce (API student, USA).

“A whirlwind of life changing experiences you don't want to miss!” – Jessie Gomez (Texas A&M University, USA).