Happy Europe's Day 2021 from BACES!

Happy Europe's Day 2021 from BACES!

The Barcelona Center for European Studies (BACES) celebrates the next Europe's Day by giving out a list of suggestions on EU-dedicated events taking place in the local, regional and national area, as well as reminding its multiple activities celebrated during these weeks. 



The Team of BACES wishes to remind everyone of the celebration of the next Europe's Day on May 9th, 2021 (this sunday). 


For the occasion, we would like to share a series of materials and activities taking place during these days. 



1) The European Documentation Center at UAB has organized yet another EU Online Quiz Game with prizes and rewards 

2) The Representation of the European Commission in Barcelona is also offering a calendar of activities for the day 

3) Don't forget that BACES and the EUGov JMC are also offering this month: 





Happy Europe's Day!

The BACES Team




Perfils dels protagonistes:

Perfiles de los protagonistas:

Profiles of the protagonists:

70th Anniversary of the Declaration of May 9th, 1950. Tribute to Robert Schuman by the EUPOL Jean Monnet Chair and the EDC


ODS - Objectius de desenvolupament sostenible:

ODS - Objetivos de desarrollo sostenible:

SDG - Sustainable Development Goals:

Els ODS a la UPF Los ODS en la UPF The ODS at UPF