Supervised students

  • Manel Vila-Vidal (PhD in Biomedicine, UPF, 2017-2021): "Analysis of human intracranial recordings for clinical and cognitive studies".

  • Arnau Manasanch (Biomedical Engineering Master, UPC-University of Barcelona): “Computer interface for the analysis of multiple-scale electrophysiological signals (scalp EEG, iEEG and LFP) from the human brain", July 2019.

  • Jorge Zelaya (Computational Biomedical Engineering Master, UPF): “Spatiotemporal effects of intracranial electrical stimulation into brain areas of epileptic patients”, July 2018.

  • Arnau Manasanch (Biomedical Engineering Bachelor's degree, UPF): “Design of a medical integrative platform for seizure-onset zone identification in epileptic patients”, July 2018.

  • Mar Moya (Biomedical Engineering Bachelor's degree, UPF): “Optimization of seizure onset identification during ictal events”, October 2017.

  • David Capilla (Double Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Physics, UB): “Influence of stimulus neural coding into decision-making performance: A data-analysis study”, February 2017.

  • Àlex Triay (Biomedical Engineering Bachelor's degree, UPF): “Intracranial EEG analysis during spatial memory tasks: the role of high frequency oscillations”, July 2016.

  • Pau de Jorge (Double Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Physics, UB): “Mutual information: An unbiased quantification of single neuron coding”, June 2016.



  • Román Rossi-Pool (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México) 

  • Mathieu Gilson (INSERM, Marseille, France)

  • Antonio Donaire (Hospital Clínic and CIBERBBN, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain)