International Relations Service
Head of Service: Sara López Selga
Postal address:

Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Mercè building
Plaça de la Mercè, 10-12
08002 Barcelona

Telephone: (34) 93 542 29 72
Fax : (34) 93 542 20 81
E-mail :


The International Relations Service supports UPF's corporate relations with other universities and with foreign institutions or bodies for the establishment of collaboration, common programmes or exchanges and educational cooperation relations. The International Relations Service also coordinates the Studies for Foreigners Programme.

The International Relations Service is organised according to the following functional areas:

1. Courses for Foreigners: this area plans the courses offered and coordinates the management processes of the Study Abroad Programme and of made-to-measure courses from reception until the end of the participants' stay, as well as their economic management.

2. Mobility and Reception: this area programmes and coordinates the processes involved in the management, promotion, information and advisory services of Pompeu Fabra University international exchange and mobility programmes, ensuring individualised attention to participants, as well as the reception of those who take part in academic stage programmes at Pompeu Fabra University.