Welcome to the website of the project SIMBOLREP, El impacto simbólico de la representación política de las mujeres/The symbolic impact of women's political representation.

SIMBOLREP is a research project that addresses the links between women´s descriptive representation with substantive and symbolic representation. The case studies used in our analysis are Spain and Portugal.

Within this Project we focus on fundamental questions such as:

- Which impacts does increased women's political presence have on the political attitudes and behavior of citizens?

- Do these potential effects have the same intensity on traditionally under-represented groups (women) as well as on over-represented groups (men )?

- Will these effects be more promounced where the feminization of political institutions has reached higher levels (Spain vs. Portugal)?

On this webpage you will find general information about our Project, its team members and ways of contacting us. This website will be updated regularly with our working papers and project news.

NEWS! Winner of the 2015 ECPG Best Paper in Gender and Politics Award: 'The Symbolic Impact of Women's Representation on Citizens' Political Attitudes: Measuring the Effect Through Survey Experiments', available to download here

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